Philadelphia 76ers list Matisse Thybulle as ‘ineligible to play’ Thursday in Toronto

The Philadelphia 76ers recorded watch Matisse Thybulle as “ineligible to play” in Thursday’s down in Toronto against the Raptors, a sign Thybulle could likewise not be able to play in the three street rounds of a potential season finisher series between the two establishments.

Last week, ESPN asked the four groups on the meeting Philadelphia, the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics whether their programs were completely inoculated, and in this way qualified to play in games in Toronto, where players must be immunized to enter the country.메이저사이트

Miami and Milwaukee affirmed to ESPN that their groups are completely inoculated, though Boston and Philadelphia declined to remark. Thybulle has not freely remarked on whether he is inoculated against COVID-19.

Starting at Wednesday evening, the 76ers and Raptors would meet in the first round of the Eastern Conference end of the season games as the Nos. 4 and 5 seeds.

Thybulle, who turned 25 last month, has become one of the NBA’s best wing safeguards, averaging 1.1 takes and 1.8 squares in 25.4 minutes per game. Just seven players in the association are averaging something like one take and square for each game, and every one of them are playing a greater number of minutes than Thybulle.

Thybulle’s nonattendance would be especially felt on a Philadelphia program that is without any trace of much protective ability outside of him and MVP applicant Joel Embiid, who is likewise a potential All-Defensive Team competitor.

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