WONHO unveils a celestial concept teaser for the upcoming single album ‘OBSESSION’

WONHO concept teaser

On January 21st, Highline Entertainment delivered an unexpected picture of WONHO’s rebound through the authority online media handles. As indicated by the picture, WONHO is getting back with his first single ‘Fixation’ which is relied upon to get a great deal of consideration from worldwide fans as it is Wonho’s first single since his introduction.

Specifically, the circle encompassing the moon in the picture of Coming Soon, with the immense universe as the foundation, met with intricate lines, suggestive of students, and stood out. The sensation of being sucked in like a dark opening and the secretive and marvelous disposition likewise enhanced the interest in Wonho’s remarkable appeal through ‘Fixation’.먹튀사이트

WONHO cleared different worldwide graphs with his first little collection PART.2 ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Ourselves’ as well as his second small scale collection ‘Blue Letter’ last year. Furthermore, he won the ‘AAA Best Musician’ and ‘Male Solo Artist’ grants at the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ and ‘2021 Hanteo Music Awards’, individually, hardening their situation as an indispensable ‘worldwide pattern’.

WONHO is a South Korean vocalist under Highline Entertainment. He is a previous individual from the South Korean kid bunch MONSTA X, which appeared under Starship Entertainment in 2015. Wonho made his performance debut on September 4, 2020 with the EP ‘Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me’. WONHO’s second EP ‘Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us’ was delivered on February 26. Five tunes from the EP appeared on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales outline, involving a fifth of the whole World Songs graph for that week.

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