Man Arrested For Creating Fake Website To Book Tickets To Visit Taj Mahal

Man arrested for creating fake website to book tickets to visit Taj Mahal -  Oneindia News

New Delhi, Jan 22: A software engineer has been arrested for cheating hundreds of people by create a fake website to facilitate online booking of tickets to visit Taj Mahal. 신규사이트

Sandeep Chand had lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic and created the fake website to earn money. The complaint was received from the Director General of Archaeological Survey of India about people being cheated while booking tickets.

In one incident, a ticket to visit Taj Mahal was booked, but it could not be generated., The fee was however deducted from their bank account.

“During the course of investigation, technical details of the registrant and user of the alleged website i.E. Www.Agramonumnts.In were collected, based on which technical surveillance was mounted on the alleged.

The accused frequently changed his location. However on perseverance, Sandeep Chand was apprehended from Champawat, Uttrakhand,” a state from Special Commissioner of Police, Devesh Chandra said. He also said that the accused studied the basics of the website of the ASI before he created the fake website.

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