Viet-Cajun Seafood Restaurant Happy Rito Seafood Now Open In Cedar Park

Viet-Cajun seafood restaurant Happy Rito Seafood opens in Cedar Park

The Viet-Cajun crawfish scene that took off in Houston last decade is starting to make inroads in the Austin area. 검증사이트

The latest entrant in the genre comes from chef-restaurateur Ethan Huynh, who opened Happy Rito Seafood in Cedar Park in November. 

The Houston native grew up in Southern Louisiana, where his parents operated a convenience store that served boiled crawfish, and spent his first decade after college working in Louisiana restaurants, including a long stint at a sushi restaurant in Houma. 

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Huynh moved to Austin six months before the pandemic to join his family. He opened Happy Rito Seafood at 11066 Pecan Park Blvd., Suite 540, in November. The restaurant serves boiled seafood (shrimp, snow crab and crawfish); fried seafood po’boys and baskets (shrimp, oyster and soft shell crab); crab eggrolls; pot stickers; and more. The boiled seafood is served in both classic Cajun style and in a garlic butter Viet-Cajun style infused with aromatics found in Vietnamese cuisine. 

Happy Rito began its seasonal live crawfish boils last weekend, thanks to a mild winter and the early start to crawfish season. Huynh has not decided if he will serve previously frozen crawfish once the live season ends. 

Happy Rito Seafood is open 11 a.M. To 8:30 p.M. Tuesday-Sunday and is currently boiling live crawfish only on the weekends.

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