TEASER: Mnet confirms ‘Street Man Fighter’ is coming in Summer 2022

The official teaser poster for 'Street Man Fighter'

Uplifting news people, ‘Road Man Fighter’ will happen this late spring! On January 5, Mnet delivered a secret for the male rendition of the show, named ‘Road Man Fighter,’ which is booked to debut in summer 2022. Mnet delivered a cool mystery to commend the declaration.먹튀사이트

In the short secret video, the ‘W’ in lady flips to turn into the letter ‘M’ in man as they formally declare that ‘Road Man Fighter’ will welcome our screens this Summer, joined by cool ambient sound. As indicated by a Korea Herald report, the central maker of ‘Road Woman Fighter’ Kwon Young Chan and creating chief (PD) Choi Jung Nam will be returning for the new season. The Korea Herald additionally revealed that the show would have started creation before, however the show had run into issues with projecting artists!

‘Road Man Fighter’ is the male adaptation of ‘Road Woman Fighter’. In August 2020, Mnet debuted another dance endurance show called “Road Woman Fighter,” including eight all-female dance groups battling for a monetary reward and the title of being ‘South Korea’s best female dance team.’ The show turned out to be very famous among fans and the artists have since showed up on a few theatrical presentations and performed at the esteemed finish of-year grant shows!

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