Megan Fox Just Made A Hilarious Christmas Appearance On Machine Gun Kelly’s TikTok

Watch Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's Viral TikTok - Jnews

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are having a very Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly occasion. No, there was no cutting and nobody said “I’m weed,” yet they broke a Bop-It.

On Tuesday, December 28, the artist almost broke TikTok just as his Bop-It with a video including himself and his sweetheart observing Christmas together. In the video, they’re both remaining before a lit Christmas tree, MGK wearing green night robe while Fox is in red nightgown. The couple both wore matching light pink Santa caps for the event.

In the video, MGK plays with the notorious 90s electronic toy Bop-It. Assuming you don’t recollect it or were just a child in those days, Bop-Its are a toy well known during the 90s that tried your reflexes by intrusting you to bop, curve, or pull on the gadget when educated, and as quick as could be expected.먹튀중개소

MGK plays the game: he bops it, he pulls it, he turns it, and afterward when he bops it again on his butt, he breaks the toy. Megan Fox stands persistently behind MGK as he bops it, doing whatever it takes not to giggle.

Megan Fox and Colson Baker, a.K.A. Assault rifle Kelly, have become probably Hollywood’s hottest couple in 2021. The pair met on the arrangement of a film in 2020 while Fox was as yet hitched to Brian Austin Green (they discreetly isolated back in 2019). Presently, as well as breaking Bop-Its, Fox and Colson are making out on red floor coverings, wearing matching outfits and sharing insights concerning their intriguing relationship.

In July, Megan Fox said that MGK is her perfect partner in a meeting with The Washington Post. “Whenever I first investigated his eyes, I resembled, ‘I know you. I have known you so often, in such countless various structures, in such countless various lives,'” she said, adding she “wasn’t expecting it’d resemble, ‘God, you are my perfect partner,’ immediately.”

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