VERIVERY Cancels Remainder Of U.S. Tour After Yongseung Tests Positive For COVID-19

VERIVERY To Hold First U.S. Tour In Nine Cities This December - Koreaboo

VERIVERY has dropped all excess stops of their U.S. visit because of Yongseung testing positive for COVID-19. Recently, VERIVERY started off their very first U.S. visit, which was booked to take them to nine distinct urban areas across the United States.

In any case, on December 17 neighborhood time, the gathering abruptly dropped their show for that evening in Cleveland, which would have been the seventh stop of their visit. At that point, Jellyfish Entertainment clarified, “Before the beginning of the visit, all VERIVERY individuals and staff taking an interest in the ‘2021 VERIVERY first Tour in U.S.’ were completely inoculated in November 2021. 토토사이트

In consistence with the nearby gathering’s guidelines, every individual from the visit group was tried for COVID-19 preceding every exhibition day by the going with COVID-19 Compliance Officer with an adverse outcome. Nonetheless, unusual indications have been tracked down today and in that capacity, all individuals and staff have gotten the PCR test… . We will give a valiant effort to declare the experimental outcomes and all future timetables at the earliest opportunity.”

Soon thereafter, Jellyfish Entertainment formally declared the consequences of their PCR tests: Yongseung tried positive for COVID-19, while all of the other VERIVERY individuals and staff tried negative. The office proceeded to express that it had hence chosen to drop not exclusively VERIVERY’s Cleveland show, yet additionally their shows booked to happen in Harrisburg on December 19 and in New York on December 20.

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