Today In Hip-Hop History: The Beastie Boys’ Sophomore LP ‘Licensed To Ill’ Turns 35 Years Old!

On this date 35 years prior, Adam Horowitz (Ad Rock), Adam Yauch (MCA), and Michael Diamond (Mike D) also known as The Beastie Boys, dropped their sophomore LP Licensed To Ill on the Def Jam Imprint under Columbia Records.

Closely following the effective LL Cool J Radio collection and the faction exemplary flick Krush Groove, Def Jam big enchilada Russell Simmons chose to head the most whimsical way with the semi underground rock/Hip-Hop threesome for Def Jam’s development to those fantastic deliveries. The first title of this delivery was Don’t Be A Faggot, however Columbia Records pushed Simmons to change the homophobic title.

Appraised as one of The Source Magazine’s Top 100 Best Albums, Licensed To Ill got the desired five-mic status, a point of reference for Jewish Hip Hop craftsmen. In under a half year after its delivery, this widely praised project acquired the Beastie Boys a platinum plaque, lead by the singles “Metal Monkey,” “No Sleep Til Brooklyn,” “Hold It Now, Hit It” and the narrating crush “Paul Revere.”메이저놀이터

Tragically, team part MCA lost his fight with disease in 2012, which really caused a resurgence in the collection’s prevalence and deals.

Salute to Def Jam, Russell Simmons, Ad Rock, Mike D and the proceeded with tradition of MCA for making such an ageless Hip Hop exemplary!

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