Aaron Rodgers To Hold Postgame Presser On Zoom To Meet NFL COVID-19 Protocol

Rather than doing face to face media with a veil, Rodgers will satisfy his commitments over Zoom, as indicated by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. Proceeding to give face to face media without a veil would have brought about fines for penetrating COVID-19 convention.신규사이트

Rodgers had been doing only that the entire year, which represented piece of the explanation his unvaccinated status came as an astonishment. The bigger piece of that was, obviously, because of him saying in August he had been “vaccinated”, which it turned out was a reference not to the antibody, but rather to homeopathic cures.

Rodgers missed last week’s Packers-Chiefs game subsequent to testing positive for the infection. He exacerbated the situation for himself in a meeting with Pat McAfee, impacting the “woke crowd” and “drop culture” for the analysis around his misleading statements. He additionally lost a support manage Prevea Health.

He’ll be back on Sunday against the Seahawks in a game where Russell Wilson will likewise get back from injury. Seattle, at 3-5, is in a lot more prominent need of a success than Green Bay.

Nearly as intriguing as the game, however, will be Rodgers’ remarks a while later. It’ll be whenever he first faces collected media since testing positive.

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