Blackpink’s Lisa Ties Psy For The Most Hot 100 Hits In Canadian History Among K-Pop Solo Stars

Only seven new tunes debut on the current week’s Canadian Hot 100, the positioning of the 100 most-devoured melodies in Canada. That is a genuinely low number, and one of them includes a lady who has in short order secured herself as perhaps the best independent K-pop demonstrations ever in most Western nation, including up north.

New at No. 86 is “SG,” which is credited to Ozuna, DJ Snake, Megan Thee Stallion and Lisa, who is maybe also called one of the four individuals from the South Korean young lady bunch Blackpink. For the beyond half a month, Lisa has been scoring immense and notable successes from one side of the planet to the other as she sets out on a performance profession, and presently with one more hit in Canada, she has broken out of a bind with a few demonstrations from the K-pop class and coordinated with one of the main figures in that industry.먹중소

“SG” denotes Lisa’s third outing to the Canadian Hot 100 without her bandmates, and it’s a generally huge crush for the stalwart entertainer. With only three positions on the count amazingly, Lisa is currently attached with Psy for the most outlining hits on the positioning among solo craftsmen known essentially for making K-popular music. Lisa was brought up in Thailand, and her yield contacts a wide range of styles, however most of her time at the center of attention has been in the K-pop field, and in this manner she is frequently named a K-pop performer.

Lisa previously made it to on the Canadian Hot 100 around two months prior, when her presentation solo single “Lalisa” showed up, in the end topping at No. 42. Not long after that tune tumbled off the positioning, its B-side and follow-up “Cash” immediately showed up. Presently, that cut has ascended considerably higher, and this edge it moves to another pinnacle position of No. 37.

Psy not just scored his three Canadian Hot 100 hits some time before Lisa appeared, however his crushes all moved higher than hers have, to some degree up until now. His breakout crush “Gangnam Style” soared right to No. 1, and right up ’til today, it stays the main track by a K-pop demonstration of any sort to manage everything in Canada. He followed that success up with “Honorable man,” which topped at No. 9. His latest arrangement on the count (which showed up back in 2015) was “Daddy” with CL, which worked its direction to No. 36.

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