Viktor Huszár: Teqball’s Rapid US Rise Is Driving Our Olympic Dream

Most as of late, teqball and Para teqball has seen an emotional ascent in the United States. The blend of the quick moving and dynamic style of our game, with the underwriting of football and diversion stars, has brought about a large number of youthful teqers arising each day the nation over.먹튀사이트

Teqball’s fast ascent in the United States got further force following the distribution of subsidizing from the City of Los Angeles recently.

The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) has been conceded $7.7 million (£5.7 million/€6.7 million) by the LA 2028 Organizing Committee for the monetary year 2021-2022 to help and improve youth sports commitment.

Teqball highlights as a component of the RAP’s Youth Sports Program (YSP), which is intending to conquer hindrances of section into sport for youngsters, with a specific spotlight on working with promising circumstances for burdened networks. As a game for all that looks to give a stage to everybody to lead a more dynamic way of life, paying little heed to age, sexual orientation or foundation, we were enchanted to add to this drive.

Numerous Olympic games are a piece of the YSP, while teqball highlights as a non-Olympic game as one of two test cases projects to advance brandishing openings across the city. Our incorporation follows the fruitful advancement of the game all through the US, however especially in Los Angeles, which is home to three of the main six copies players on the planet.

The RAP has distinguished 20 locales all through three districts in Los Angeles where teqball examples are being presented consistently. This is basic to our vision of giving freedoms to everybody to appreciate teqball, paying little heed to age, sexual orientation, foundation or capacity.

For sure, the endeavors of the Los Angeles 2028 Organizing Committee and City of Los Angeles’ to give opportunities to youngsters to be more dynamic is an extraordinary model for the entire games development. It is firmly adjusted to what we are attempting to accomplish at FITEQ, so to be a piece of this program is a genuine honor.

Teqball in the US is going from one solidarity to another and through the YSP we desire to bring all the more new individuals into our worldwide local area. Notwithstanding, it isn’t simply in Los Angeles that we are contacting new crowds.

Teqball is developing quickly the nation over, with more than 15 states having as of now coordinated FITEQ-endorsed occasions. Driven by the US National Teqball Federation, new players are joining our local area consistently at both a grassroots and first class level.

In any event, during the pandemic, which phenomenally affected worldwide game, teqball as a non-contact, socially-separated game had the option to keep developing step by step. Since we are emerging from the opposite side, what’s to come is brilliant for US teqball and the help from the City of Los Angeles is giving very interesting freedoms.

Besides, the National Federation President, Ajay Nwosu, has as of late been delegated to the LA Sport Council, an association that looks to join together and fortify perhaps the most powerful and significant games community on the planet.

He joins driving games figures like Olympian and International Olympic Committee Member Anita DeFrantz and will gain proficiency with an extraordinary arrangement about sports advancement, just as adding to a more equivalent and comprehensive brandishing future through his insight and inventive teqball soul.

The nation over, in Miami, we have seen one more illustration of teqball catching the creative mind of youngsters, especially females. A most interesting aspect concerning our game is that is totally impartial and we have ladies and men contending in similar classifications. Beside equestrian, there could be no other Olympic games that have this reality right now. As the Olympic Movement keeps on being a forerunner in advancing equivalent freedom, we accept teqball can assume a key part in sharing this message.

While we are exceptionally amped up for our US development and the chances that might bring, our center keeps on being worldwide. We are currently presenting another occasion portfolio in each of the five landmasses with essentially expanded prize cash to allow competitors the opportunity to be full-time experts.

This was forever our aim however we needed to arrive at the minimum amount of players and fans to be sure that this can be supportable. With a huge number of players enrolled all throughout the planet, and with more than 5,000,000 adherents via web-based media, plainly this present time was the ideal open door.

The new occasion portfolio will come into full power one year from now however we have effectively begun the new period of teqball contests with the European Teqball Tour. This began in Cervia in Italy and this end of the week we are in Chelm in Poland, where competitors are vieing for a huge number of dollars and fans are appreciating imaginative enactments that are taking our game to a higher level as far as in-arena and broadcast insight.

In light of this, and with teqball’s incorporation at multi-sport occasions, for example, the European Games 2023, the Sanya 2021 Asian Beach Games, and the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the teqball family has a ton to anticipate in the years ahead.

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