Kim Taehyung Aka V Says, “I Will Marry BTS Members”; ARMY Can’t Stop Laughing

Its a well known fact that Kim Taehyung also known as V from BTS is the quirkiest in the part. He is known to make insane jokes that have the individuals and BTS ARMY multiplying over in giggling. Alongside his smooth like spread voice, Taehyung additionally has a strange awareness of what’s actually funny for which he is worshiped by the ARMY. So when V said that he needs to wed BTS in a new video, the artist began a giggling fit on the web.신규사이트

BTS young men Jin, Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope and V were found in the most recent video mystery of the Seasons Greetings 2022 video. In the video, we saw the BTS individuals have a restless photograph shoot and afterward a game meeting. RM was seen inquiring, “Who knows BTS the best among BTS?” Jimin answers, “It’s me.” Suga was seen discussing the band remaining together. Jungkook called attention to Suga’s calm nature.

Then, at that point, Jimin was seen let Jimin know that without him the Moon vocalist can’t live. The individuals appeared to have enjoyed a drawing game when Suga said, “And that is the way we develop old.” But, nobody saw it coming when V said the most unusual assertion, “I will wed BTS individuals.” The individuals couldn’t help and twofold over in giggling. It was something very similar with the ARMY on the web as they carried out images and humorous responses to what V said.

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