Kim Seon Ho’s Friends Claim He Was Framed, Say He Looked After Ex-girlfriend Post Abortion

Old neighborhood Cha entertainer Kim Seon Ho ended up caught in a cloudy discussion soon after his show finished on a high. Charges of him being genuinely harmful to his ex started to do the rounds after she composed an extensive post, where she referenced that he constrained her to get an early termination.

Be that as it may, the Korean outlet Dispatch has now shared the assertions made by Kim Seon Ho’s companions. The power source additionally detailed that the lady, a famous powerhouse and a climate caster, started dating the entertainer around March 2020. The report that the lady was separated already. His companions asserted that this ‘didn’t trouble’ Seon Ho, who kept seeing her since he enjoyed her.

The power source additionally directed that opposite toward what the lady referenced in her post with regards to them staying quiet about their relationship, several was spotted at a bistro. Messages among her and Seon Ho were revealed where she ‘was sorry’ for lying about her whereabouts on one ocassion.먹튀사이트

The messages were delivered by Kim Seon Ho’s companion, who hasn’t been named by the power source. These sources likewise referenced that Seon Ho and the lady had pondered over the fetus removal, and that he had cared for her well after it. Seon Ho’s companions guaranteed that reality ‘had been misshaped’ and that he had been cheerful with regards to her pregnancy from the beginning.

The entertainer’s companions declared that the couple didn’t separate inferable from his ascent to distinction, however because of her disrupting ‘activities’ that stressed Seon Ho. Aside from this, it was an ‘deplorable circumstance’, as the lady was additionally confronting a claim and dangers from her ex’s exes, clearly. The couple cut off their friendship formally in May.

A source from the office Salt Entertainment expressed, “We don’t have anything to say. We apologize.”

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