BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares A Striking & Enchanting Visual Teaser For Her Upcoming Solo Single Album ‘LALISA’

Lisa is taking the glitz remainder a bit higher with each visual secret for her impending performance single collection ‘LALISA’. On September 2, Lisa dropped the third visual mystery for ‘LALISA’. In the music-less mystery, Lisa is seen swinging in a pendulum-like movement, looking totally captivating and amazing.

Beforehand, Lisa was seen wearing an exotic dark calfskin coat with long dark tufts, designed with rhinestones as she is seen presenting certainly. The video opens with the sound of delicate influxes of water.먹중소

The mystery grandstands Lisa in a dark sequined outfit with decorations highlighting glitz embellishments and emotional eye cosmetics that match her extraordinary look.

In the mystery, she swings from the roof on a chain over a span of water as she gazes directly toward the camera with her puncturing look. The video is joined by just the foundation sound and no music.

In the mean time, The commencement for Lisa’s performance debut has authoritatively started! One hour before the arrival of her first single collection ‘LALISA’ on September 10 at 1 pm KST (9:30 am IST), Lisa will go live to tally down to the intriguing second along with her fans on Naver’s V Live at 12 pm KST (8:30 am IST). The collection will be delivered on different music destinations on September 10 at 1 pm KST (9:30 am IST).

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