Park Ha Sun Confirmed For SBS TV Drama ‘Three Days’

Park Ha Sun has affirmed her investment in 2014 SBS TV show ‘Three Days’, where she will star as the female lead close by JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Son Hyun Joo.

‘Three Days’ which is supposed to be a uber project with more than 10 million won planned for it, spins around the South Korean president who is traveling at a manor. His abrupt vanishing after 3 discharges are terminated, leaves his protectors and cops scrambling to find him.메이저놀이터

Park Ha Sun will assume the part of a female police constable named Yoon Bo Won, and will see her loan some assistance to first class official guardian Han Tae Kyung (Yoo Chun) who is embroiled in an evil plot. Yoon Bo Won is the solitary constable at the middle, yet is somebody who is imperative locally in spite of being a defiant understudy during their school days. Yoon Bo Won has an affinity for taking a gander at each and every detail. She is depicted as the Joan of the police world, and will look to reveal reality behind the evil plot close by Han Tae Kyung.

Having shown an honest and resigned picture in her past dramatizations like ‘High Kick 3’ and ‘Two Weeks’, Park Ha Sun will show her tireless and formed side through ‘Three Days’.

Park Ha Sun said, “The job in my new show is endlessly unique in relation to the jobs that I typically take on previously. So I’m truly invigorated and I have the aim of needing to buckle down and challenge myself. I heard that Park Yoo Chun had consented to show up in the dramatization in the wake of perusing a short summary of the show. I can see now why he had that impression in those days. At the point when I read the content myself, I was truly attracted to the minimized and solid storyline. I truly don’t have any desire to pass up his show, so I will give my absolute best to repeat my job as best as could really be expected.”

‘Three Days’ is composed by Kim Eun Hee who recently did ‘Sign’ and ‘Apparition’, while coordinating will be Shin Kyung Soo who coordinated ‘Tree with Deep Roots’.

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