Real Madrid Deny Reports Of Leaving La Liga For Premier League Switch

Genuine Madrid have denied reports that the club are thinking about passing on LaLiga to join the Premier League, calling the cases “crazy and unthinkable.”

Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo had revealed that Madrid had examined their choices for leaving LaLiga in the wake of becoming “tired of what they consider to be consistent assaults from [league president Javier] Tebas.”

In any case, the club solidly denied the report in an explanation on Saturday.

“With respect to data distributed today by Mundo Deportivo, in which it says that our club has read leaving LaLiga for the Premier League, Real Madrid needs to clarify that it is totally bogus,” it said.안전놀이터

“Additionally, it is crazy and unthinkable, and is just intended to by and by upset the everyday of our club.”

The Barcelona-based Mundo Deportivo had asserted that the move was being “pondered genuinely” at Madrid.

“The aim of Real Madrid has been to learn on the off chance that it is feasible to leave the Spanish group and go to another incredible association,” the paper guaranteed.

Mundo Deportivo asserted that the favored objective for Madrid president Florentino Perez and his consultants would be the Premier League, while Serie An and the Bundesliga had additionally been taken a gander at.

Madrid, LaLiga and their particular presidents Perez and Tebas have been engaged with an undeniably high-profile series of columns lately.

The most striking altercation included the club and Perez’s contribution in the endeavored breakaway European Super League, which Tebas vocally went against, depicting Perez as a “shocking president.”

The most recent conflict included LaLiga’s arrangements – supported for the current week in a vote by clubs at the group’s overall gathering – to sell 10% of its business, and income from future telecom rights, to the venture store CVC Capital Partners as a trade-off for a money infusion of up to €2.7 billion.

On Tuesday, Real Madrid declared that it expected to “make a common and criminal move” against LaLiga, Tebas and CVC over the proposition, contending that they harmed the club’s advantages.

The club casted a ballot against the arrangement on Thursday, alongside Barca, Athletic Bilbao and Real Oviedo.

An extremely late change saw the four clubs prohibited from the arrangement, which means they would neither get any of the CVC cash, nor surrender a level of their future income.

Tebas faulted the Super League column for the dispute, saying “unmistakably the situation of Real Madrid and Barcelona is identified with the Super League… This deluge of cash doesn’t support the possibility of a Super League that Florentino [Perez] needs.

“It’s a social issue, he thinks the enormous clubs are the ones who should control everything.”

Madrid start off their 2021-22 LaLiga crusade at Alaves on Saturday.

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