Hansel Emmanuel Donato Domínguez, One-Armed Basketball Player, Receives First Division I Offer From HBCU

Hansel Emmanuel Donato Domínguez’s left arm was excised when he was six. Furthermore, presently, he’s a rising b-ball wonder with his first proposal from Tennessee State.

Hansel Emmanuel Donato Domínguez has constantly broken the Internet with his hostile abilities at AAU competitions, however he had not gotten any NCAA Division I school ball offers. 먹중소

That changed Thursday when the rising star reported his first proposal from Tennessee State University, a HBCU.

“Favored to accept my first D1 offer from Tennessee State college,” the 17-year-old declared to his 606,000 or more Instagram supporters. “Much thanks to you for having confidence in my abilities.”

At age six, Donato Domínguez had his left arm excised after a divider fell on it, catching him under the rubble for near two hours. His dad, a previous expert ball player, was the person who protected him.

At that point, they were living in Donato Domínguez’s nation of origin, the Dominican Republic.

“My life self-destructed when Hansel’s mishap occurred,” the dad told the Orlando Sentinel. “I was the one with him and when they needed to excise his arm, I felt like it was everywhere. Yet, God got us and driven us down this way. You remember everything [from the accident] in light of the fact that a blow like this isn’t neglected, so rapidly paying little mind to all that he is accomplishing, because of God.”

Donato Domínguez got ball, emulating his example, and as of late he moved to the United States on a grant to play prep b-ball at Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee, FL.

He told the Orlando Sentinel in Spanish that he trusts the individuals who follow him do “not consider me to be a unique child who has an incapacity. [I wish] that they just consider me to be an incredible player who will go similar to many. That I am a decent player.”

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