Watch: Namoo Actors Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At Lee Joon Gi, Park Min Young, Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, And Kang Ki Young’s Commercial

A couple of days sooner, Lotte Chilsung had uncovered a promotion for Chilsung Cider featuring Lee Joon Gi, Park Min Young, Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, and Kang Ki Young, who are on the whole entertainers endorsed under the organization Namoo Actors.

The video is recorded according to the viewpoint of a staff part at Namoo Actors, who drives out to the shooting area at a house in the mountains before early afternoon with packs of things arranged. It incorporates amusing minutes like the staff part announcing that they would attempt to get Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ki Young, and Song Kang in a similar shot prior to being approached to leave since they were impeding the real business’ camera points. (The staff part in the long run has the chance when the entertainers screen their scene.)메이저놀이터

Kang Ki Young, who is generally new to Namoo Actors (he joined the organization five months prior), attempts to steer past Lee Joon Gi however gets seized for a meeting. Melody Kang shares that he is so glad to eat great nourishment for the business, since he has as of late been on a tight eating routine. He additionally jokes, “I was so anxious [to film with my seniors] that I was unable to rest the prior night. I just dozed around nine hours.”

Lee Joon Gi shows his sweet care when he sees that the staff part who is shooting is likewise new to Namoo Actors. He invites her to the organization and jokes, “I will check to ensure I’m the prettiest out of each of the five of us when this is transferred.” After appreciating Park Eun Bin and Song Kang’s magnificence, the staff part gets bothered when Song Kang facetiously raises the blade he’s been holding like a shot from a blood and gore film.

The staff part “examines” a relaxed second between four of the Namoo Actors craftsmen, with Park Eun Bin and Lee Joon Gi visiting while Kang Ki Young gazes vacantly off into the distance and Song Kang continues to eat food. Park Min Young bothers the chief by inquiring as to whether she should drink the juice in a solitary shot, and he briskly advises her no.

Look at the video with English captions beneath!

Tune Kang and Park Min Young will star together in an impending dramatization about Korea’s public climate estimate administration. Lee Joon Gi and Park Min Young were accomplices on an unscripted TV drama called “My Ear’s Candy” in 2017. Kang Ki Young and Park Min Young cooperated in “What’s going on With Secretary Kim” and “Sovereign for Seven Days.”

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