Here Is Song Joong Ki’s Newest Leading Lady For Upcoming Drama Series

Melody Joong Ki

Its a well known fact that Song Joong Ki has unquestionable science with his driving women. Take for instance Song Hye Kyo in “Relatives of the Sun” and Jeon Yeo Been in “Vincenzo.”

So individuals have been clamoring to know who his new driving woman is for the forthcoming dramatization series “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son.”

As per a Soompi report on Monday, it’s in all honesty Shin Hyun Been, known for her in “Emergency clinic Playlist 2.”먹튀사이트

“Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son” depends on a hit web novel of a similar name. It spins around the secretary of a chaebol, a term utilized in South Korea that alludes to huge family-possessed business aggregates, and is reawakened as the family’s most youthful child.

Melody Joong Ki (“Vincenzo,” “Relatives of the Sun”) will assume the part of Yoon Hyun Woo, a representative who kicked the bucket and was outlined for misappropriation by the Sunyang Group family.

He gets himself reawakened as the family’s most youthful child Jin Do Joon and attempts to look for retaliation.

In the mean time, Shin Hyun Been will assume the part of investigator Seo Min Young of the counter defilement division who will overstep the law for the sake of justice.Called as the “soul harvester of the Sunyang Group family,” Min Young engages with Do Joon as she finds the family’s unlawful practices.

The two will wind up pursuing one another and strolling “the line among affection and disdain.”

Beside Shin Hyun Been, “The Spy Gone North” entertainer Lee Sung Min has additionally been affirmed for the job of Jin Yang Chul, the top of the Sunyang Group.

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