Seo Ji Young Joins The Cast Of Upcoming Medical Drama ‘Ghost Doctor’ Alongside Kim Bum And Rain

Website optimization Ji-youthful’s office, Lucky Monster Entertainment, said, “Website design enhancement Ji-youthful will show up in the new dramatization ‘Apparition Doctor’ as Ko Seong-hye.”The show ‘Phantom Doctor’ (coordinated by Bu Seong-cheol, composed by Kim Seon-su) is a thrill ride clinical show that portrays the narrative of two specialists with various foundations, abilities, and characters, however because of a heavenly event, the two specialists had their spirits and bodies exchanged.

The lead cast has Rain and Kim Bum; Uee has been set for the female lead and is as of now emphatically evaluating her offer. Child Na Eun has been given a role as the understudy who has confidence in everything otherworldly.메이저사이트

Website optimization Ji-youthful will assume the part of Go Seong-hye, a head of the Medical Foundation, who focuses on reasonableness over the mission and doesn’t release her two best specialists off the course.

Website optimization Ji-youthful is cherished for her adaptable jobs in musicals, for example, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘The Three Musketeers’, ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Jack the Ripper’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘From the Bottom’, and won the ‘eighth Musical Grand Prize’. She demonstrated her capacity by winning the Best Supporting Actress Award and the Best Actress Award at the ninth Musical Awards sequentially.

Kim Bum (Go Seung Tak) in the dramatization is a profoundly proficient individual, having a place with an affluent family. Go is viewed as an ideal person for being multi-gifted until his life gets hindered as he gets snared in a sudden occurrence with Cha Young Min (Rain) who is a thoracic specialist. Enthusiasts of entertainer Kim Yu Jin, broadly known as Uee, are invigorated as well, as she is at present in converses with join the young men and assume an unmistakable part in the series.

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