Yankees’ Tim Locastro Has Torn ACL, Hurting Knee While Making Spectacular Catch

NEW YORK — A colossal catch transformed into a disastrous physical issue at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night.

Outfielder Tim Locastro tore his right ACL on a play in the principal inning, Yankees chief Aaron Boone uncovered after New York’s downpour abbreviated triumph over the Red Sox.

The outfielder jumped to one side, colliding with the left-field divider in foul ground as he rose to make the get. Landing ungracefully on the notice track, Locastro frowned, however rose to his feet rapidly.먹튀검증

With Kiké Hernández labeling from second to third base, that fast exertion to get the ball once more into the infield saved a run from scoring.

At first Locastro remained in the game after a visit from Boone and an individual from New York’s preparation staff. Watching him attempt to run off the field after the finish of the half inning showed that he was as yet in a great deal of torment.

After he was supplanted by Tyler Wade in the outfield, the Yankees reported that Locastro was made a beeline for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to go through a MRI and further assessment. The underlying analysis of right knee irritation at last transformed into a torn ACL.

“I feel for him,” DJ LeMahieu said after the 3-1 triumph. “He’s a monster. He’s stinging, yet it appears as though he’s feeling great.”

Locastro was playing in his 10th game with the Yankees since being obtained in an exchange from the Arizona Diamondbacks recently. For an upstate New York local, and Ithaca College alum, wearing pinstripes and assisting this club with fighting was a blessing from heaven. Presently, who can say for sure what’s on the horizon for Locastro, a player that is earned enough to pay the bills off his world class speed, protection and baserunning capacities.

Locastro wasn’t delivering gigantic numbers in a Yankees uniform—hitting .190 (4-for-21) with one homer in his initial eight games since the exchange—however he was filling in and giving this group a flash.

Tim Locastro Providing Yankees With Spark, ‘Added Dimension’ Since Trade

Boone said following the injury that it was too soon to tell who New York will call upon to supplant Locastro on the dynamic program. With six players on the COVID-19 harmed list in the midst of a flare-up—and a few givers like Clint Frazier, Miguel Andújar and Luke Voit likewise sidelined with their own wounds—the Yankees keep on having their profundity tried phenomenally.

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