The New Face Of Calvin Klein

February 21, 2008 17:02 IST

American vocalist Stacy Ann Ferguson or Fergie as she is known, is good to go to be the new substance of style house Calvin Klein.

Fergie, who had been seen wearing a lemon-shaded Calvin Klein dress to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles recently, will join Eva Mendes [Images] as a representative for the organization.메이저사이트

“She’s an ideal fit. She cherishes Calvin and they think she is delightful and fun and carries a great deal to the brand,” Contactmusic cited a source as disclosing to American magazine OK!

The Black Eyed Peas star had as of late been in the information for bits of gossip that she was pregnant.

Anyway the bits of gossip were denied by her mom Terri, who said that she was in no rush for her little girl to give her grandchildren, and that she didn’t anticipate that Fergie should begin a family immediately.

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