Tina Knowles-Lawson Reveals Beyoncé, Solange Have ‘always’ Celebrated Juneteenth

Juneteenth is this end of the week, and festivities have effectively started the nation over. In association with Facebook, Knowles-Lawson is set to “honor the day” and “feature its significance with uncommon programming and drives across Facebook stages.” In a meeting early Wednesday, she opened up about the occasion, her organization with Facebook and how the event affects her.안전놀이터

Tina Knowles-Lawson talks in front of an audience during Beautycon Festival Los Angeles 2019 at Los Angeles Convention Center in August 2019.

Uncovering that she grew up observing Juneteenth, Knowles-Lawson shared, “It was a day that you went to the sea shore; a many individuals don’t understand that Galveston (Texas) is an Island, and everything is based on the sea shore.”

“At the point when I got more established, ” she proceeded, “I had the option to go to Houston to Emancipation Park, and they have large excellent processions there … we’ve generally praised; it’s constantly been a vital occasion.”

Knowles-Lawson said she was amazed, after moving to California, to find that it wasn’t broadly celebrated. “I needed to have a Juneteenth festivity,” she said, “and my companions didn’t know that we discovered two years after the fact about the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln had marked.”

“There’s a ton of history that is somewhat been covered up,” she said, “and a major piece of that will be that there were by 1866, there were 19,000 dark officers that battled for our opportunity also. What’s more, I imagine that is significant for us to know since we’ve been told in an unexpected way. What’s more, it’s only one more thing of how the crucial part that we played throughout the entire existence of this country and assisting with building this nation has been changed. Everybody has to know reality.”

She proceeded to talk on the delight she had raising Beyoncé and Solange, sharing that her “honor” as a Black individual is something she needed to confer to them.

“I totally consistently realized that it was an honor to be a Black individual,” said Knowles-Lawson. “This is the thing that my folks instructed me. We ought to have pride and simply feel extremely respected by that. Thus I was mindful so as to give that message to my kids too, to encompass them with African American craftsmanship and pictures that they didn’t clearly see on TV or around however much they ought to have.”

“That is dependent upon us guardians,” she kept up, “to bestow that information to our youngsters and pass it on. My children praise the nineteenth of June. They generally have, and they generally will.”

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