Shakira Shares Unseen Picture Of Her Son Sasha After His First Surfing Lesson

Shakira as of late gave her fans a sneak look into her child Sasha’s first riding exercise. On June 9, she took to her Instagram handle and shared Sasha’s image with youthful surfers, Kai Odriozola and Hans Odriozola, 15 and 13 years of age surfers from the Basque Country and half Spanish Champions. Sharing her child’s uncommon picture via web-based media, Shakira said, “Sasha con sus amigos y profes Kai y Hans después de su primera lección de surf!”, means ‘Sasha with his companions and educators Kai and Hans after his first surf exercise!’.먹튀사이트

Shakira’s child Sasha takes his first riding exercises

As found in Shakira’s Instagram post, Sasha, Kai and Hans grinned huge for the camera while offering a relax hint. Here, Shakira’s child Sasha wore a beat up surfer outfit. While Kai Odriozola wore a dark pullover and dark track pants, Hans Odriozola wore a pullover and gasp pair.

Shakira’s Instagram supporters went crazy over the post. One of the clients expressed, “Sasha is so charming omg”, while another additional, “He’s so enormous now 😢 Milan and Sasha need to quit becoming so quick”. A fan remarked, “Sashaaa 😱😱😱😱 esta enormeee, que guapo” (Sashaaa is hugeee, how attractive). Another fan added, “Parece un adolescente ya, crecen tan rápido” (Looks like a young person as of now, they grow up so quick). Look at some more fans’ responses beneath.

Back in 2020, Shakira did a virtual discussion bid with Prince William on The Earthshot Prize, a drive roused by the last’s enthusiasm and responsibility towards battling environmental change and fixing our planet. During this discussion, Shakira had shared that her kids are now being worried about ecological issues. She had said,

My son, Sasha, he’s five, and he’s as of now so worried about plastic contamination. At the point when he sees trash in the road, on the sea shore, he’s the person who needs to get it. Once we circumvented the square with gloves getting the refuse around the area. It was a particularly delightful family movement. That conveys me a message. It made me perceive how stressed they are over the climate.

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