Gambit Esports Shutter League Of Legends Division

Gambit Esports has shut down its League of Legends division, the organization announced Thursday.

No specific reason was given for the decision.

“With a heavy heart we announce that our League of Legends division ceases to operate,” Gambit said in its statement posted to social media. “Over 8 years we won three Intel Extreme Masters championships and earned three Continental League titles.”

The organization’s LoL division grew out of Gambit Gaming, which competed in Europe for three years before Gambit sold its spot in the regional League Championship Series to Team Vitality. 무료야동

Retooled as Gambit Esports, the team has been part of the LoL Continental League since mid-2016 and represented the LCL in a mid-season invitational and two world championships.

“Making this decision was really difficult, since our organization’s history began with a League of Legends squad,” said Konstantin Pikiner, the CEO of Gambit Esports, who thanked past players and Riot Games for their work through the years but ended with a message for the fans.

“I would like to thank our wonderful fans from all over the world. Unfortunately, this exciting journey has come to an end, but we are grateful that you have walked this path together with us.”

Gambit Esports will continue play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Valorant, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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