GTA 6 Rumors: Project Americas, Female Protagonist, And Release Date Speculation

GTA 6 has no delivery date or even authority affirmation from Rockstar Games, however bits of hearsay about the following huge Grand Theft Auto game keep on whirling, powered by fan hypothesis and unconfirmed holes on everything from possible area, setting, and time span, to which stages it will hit and insights concerning what another game could mean for the eventual fate of GTA Online.

In lieu of any authority data about Grand Theft Auto 6, here’s a past filled with each major GTA 6 talk and assumed break from the most recent few years. Recall that none of the bits of gossip talked about in this article have been confirmed by GameSpot, and not many have been checked by other media sources as coming from respectable sources- – they ought to be dealt with rigorously as tales and fan hypothesis and not authority data from Rockstar, except if in any case expressed. 중국야동

Gossip: GTA 6 will highlight a female hero

In January 2021, bits of gossip about GTA 6 including a playable female character started to get out and about after Tom Henderson (known for his Call of Duty releases) posted on Twitter, “Out of the blue in a GTA title, GTA 6 will have a playable female and male hero.”

Fantastic Theft Auto heroes have included an assortment of anecdotal criminal prime examples – Vice City’s hot-tempered Tommy Vercetti, GTA 4’s full grown, yet negative Eastern European exile Niko Bellic, and the guileless yet great hearted road pack underboss Carl “CJ” Johnson of San Andreas, to give some examples. GTA 5 explored new territory for the arrangement with its triplet of playable characters, going from a resigned vocation criminal living in extravagance to a trailer park weapons seller to a youthful gangbanger hoping to become showbiz royalty. But then, the arrangement has never included a lady as a playable hero past the capacity to modify your character in GTA Online. On the off chance that this gossip is genuine it would be immense for the arrangement.

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