The Best Katarina Counters In League Of Legends

The way in to Katarina’s prosperity is the blasted harm she can make by utilizing a mix of her capacities. On top of the harm yield, Katarina likewise flaunts a range of abilities that permits her to be incredibly portable and move into scope of her objectives with little arrangement.

Katarina stays solid all through all phases of the game, yet her force spikes perceptibly when she arrives at level six. Right now she will be fit for betting everything against adversaries with the utilization of her definitive capacity Death Lotus. This capacity from the get-go in the game can be destroying against large numbers of the regular mid path advocate that don’t flaunt a ton wellbeing. 안전놀이터

Like all bosses in League, with the correct pick and great procedure, Katarina is conquerable. Here are the absolute best picks to counter Katarina in the mid path.

General procedure

While Katarina has hazardous mixes, to execute these she needs to land capacities. Given this, one of the boss’ greatest shortcomings is against champions who have swarm control.

Two of the best occasions to utilize swarm control against Katarina are the point at which she utilizes Shunpo (E) to close distance or when she enacts her definitive capacity. Utilizing capacities that will drop Death Lotus after it’s cast will remove one of the hero’s most noteworthy apparatuses and help to push the duel in the player’s courtesy.

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