Messi Blamed Me For Smalling Elbowing Him When Barcelona Played Man Utd – McTominay

The midfielder recounted the tale of how he nearly passed up getting the Barcelona star’s shirt after an impact with Chris Smalling

Scott McTominay says Lionel Messi erroneously censured him for elbowing the Barcelona star during a Champions League conflict with Manchester United.

The Catalan monsters beat United 4-0 on total in the quarter-finals in 2019, with Messi netting twice in the subsequent leg.

In the main leg, Messi was in an impact with Red Devils safeguard Chris Smalling, finishing with the Barca commander getting an elbow to the face. 먹튀사이트

Editors’ Picks What did McTominay say?

At the point when McTominay sent United goalkeeper Sergio Romero to ask Messi for his shirt, he was hesitant on the grounds that he thought it was the Scotland worldwide who gave him a ridiculous nose.

Asked who he thinks the best part on the planet is, McTominay told ESPN : “Messi, 100%. No doubt, Messi, Messi. I got his shirt, you know?

“Thus, at whatever point we played against him for Barcelona [in 2019], Chris Smalling elbowed him and he has blood emerging from his nose. Furthermore, he thought it was me.

“Since I said to Sergio Romero: ‘Kindly would you be able to request that Messi get his shirt?’.

“Sergio returns and said: ‘Gracious, he thinks you were the person who elbowed him on the midway line’. I said: ‘No, no, no, no – disclose to him it wasn’t me, so ensure I get that shirt since that is going in my room’. So he realizes it wasn’t me now.

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