Bayern Munich Beat Hoffenheim To Advance To Semifinals Of DFB Pokal Frauen

Lea Schüller scored twice to lead Bayern Munich past Hoffenheim 2-1 on Friday. The success moves Bayern into the Semifinals of the DFB Pokal Frauen and nearer to the club’s first piece of flatware since winning the 2015-16 Frauen Bundesliga. This time, nonetheless, the Bavarians are at present looking at Germany’s fourth since forever triple (Eintracht Frankfurt 2x, Wolfsburg).

Bayern nearly started to lead the pack one moment into the match, yet Martina Tufekovic had the option to prevent Linda Dallmann from up near keep Bayern off the scoreboard. Hoffenheim gave back in kind in the eighteenth moment, however the post and Simone Boye Sørensen kept the ball out to keep the match scoreless. 무료야동

Schüller snatched her first of the day in the 29th moment after a disastrous mistake from Tufekovic to give Bayern the 1-0 lead. She would proceed to twofold the lead soon after halftime in the 48th moment, heading home a cross from Hanna Glas.

Tabea Waßmuth pulled an objective back with a jumping header in the 60th moment giving Hoffenheim any expectation of a late rebound. As time ticked by late, Hoffenheim tossed all that they could at the Bavarians, yet Jens Scheuer’s group held solid, procuring the 2-1 triumph.

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