NHL Looking Into Ref’s Remark On Hot Mic During Red Wings Game

One of the officials working the Detroit Red Wings’ 2-0 misfortune at Nashville Tuesday was heard on a hot mic saying he anticipated calling a punishment against the Predators, clearly notwithstanding in the event that it was justified.

The NHL is investigating the matter, as per Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman. 먹튀검증

It occurred after Nashville’s Viktor Arvidsson was called for stumbling Jon Merrill at 4:56 of the subsequent period.

“It wasn’t a lot, yet I needed to get a (swearword) punishment against Nashville from the get-go in the …” a voice said on the Nashville broadcast before it blurred.

Tim Peel called the punishment, however it is indistinct whether it was him or Kelly Sutherland who offered the comment.

More: Red Wings’ offense has unexpectedly evaporated.

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