GTA Online Players On PlayStation And Xbox Furious Over Game-Breaking Update

Recently, Rockstar Games delivered another GTA Online update across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. As the fix notes uncover, the update didn’t do a lot other than radically diminish the heap seasons of the game. What the fix notes didn’t uncover is the entirety of the issues the update planned to cause PlayStation and Xbox players. Over on the GTA Online Reddit page, players have been griping about the update and revealing different issues. On Xbox, the reports have gone from issues with colliding with issues with NAT and association. In the mean time, on PS4 and PS5, players have revealed issues with the update not downloading.

Obviously, the update not downloading is a significant bother, yet the vast majority of the issues have been on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Truth be told, the issues were significant to such an extent that today Rockstar Games delivered another fix on Xbox reassures that returned the previous update. At the end of the day, the fix restored the game to its state preceding the previous update, which thus has fixed the association issues. 토토사이트

All things considered, players are distraught. Not exclusively are there waiting issues on the two stages that stay unfixed, however fans are confounded how a particularly broken update was delivered in any case. Regardless of whether it’s on Reddit, Twitter, or the game’s gatherings, there’s been extensive analysis and kickback.

Right now of distributing, it’s muddled what turned out badly, and right now the update has not been returned on PlayStation supports. Further, it’s hazy if this implies stacking times will likewise return on Xbox reassures. All things considered, as Rockstar Games gives more data we will refresh the story as needs be.

GTA Online is accessible, free of charge, through the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s additionally playable on Xbox Series X and PS5 with legitimate cutting edge ports planned to deliver in a little while this year.

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